Zipline in Croatia: Which One to Choose

Croatia is home to a number of incredible zipline destinations to choose from, but these are the top five. In this article, I’ll be talking about:

  • It’s the Zipline that runs through Krk is the most spectacular because it’s also the longest of all, with a length in 2400 meters.
  • The one that is in the Plitvice Lakes National park that is comprised of only one zip it is also one of the longest totally lying zipline within Europe
  • and many more.

The various places, altitudes, and views make every zipline experience individual, bringing unforgettable memories and emotions.

The table below provides a brief overview of the main characteristics for each zipline. The order that these ziplines are described in the article isn’t intended to serve as a ranking. They are arranged in the order by the amount of ziplines, starting beginning with the route that has the highest number of ziplines to the one with the fewest ziplines. In the future, I will provide more details about the location that they’re located in and also discuss the features that each route has.


Omis is an unassuming Croatian town located in the area of Dalmatia. It is located just in the middle of where there is a point where Cetina River flows into the Adriatic Sea. The Cetina River is the longest in Croatia and is famous due to the fact that at one of the sources in Milasevo looks like an eye and is thus referred to as ” the eye of the earth“. Unspoilt, lush vegetation is found in the Cetina.

Omis zipline Omis zipline is split into eight zips and the longest is 700 meters long. Kids from as old as seven years old can enjoy the fun by riding along the zipline while admiring the natural surroundings and the river that flows below.

The place to meet for Omis’ zip line in Omis is located in Omis’s town centre. Omis. From there the operator’s team will transport you to the beginning point at Podaspilje. Omis is accessible within just under an one hour’s driving time from Split and around 2 minutes from Zadar.



Krk the largest island in Croatia and a part of the Quarnerine archipelago It is a lush as well as lush and beautiful island. Its the pine forest along the coast provide the typical Mediterranean landscape, with its numerous singing cicadas as well as breathtaking views.

The ziplining experience in Krk is a wonderful experience due to the views of the south side of the island which you can see from the high vantage point. The zipline route is comprised of eight ziplines that total a duration in excess of 2,400 meters. It is suitable for kids from five years and older the maximum speed of 80 km/h, it allows for a smooth but thrilling descent that lets you enjoy the best views.
The location of the rendezvous to the Zipline’s meeting point in Krk is located at the Batomalj monument to the Glagolitic letter A. It is accessible in just 13 minutes in the villages of Krk and Baska in addition to one an hour by car from Rijeka.


Split can be described as being the second-largest city in Croatia and is situated on an peninsula along the eastern shore in the Adriatic Sea. It is bordered by mountain ranges that provide a breathtaking setting. From the summit of the mountain there are stunning perspectives of the city as well as the ocean on the edge.

The Split zipline adventure takes place at Kozjak Mountain, just 30 minutes of the center. The Split zipline trip is comprised of 6 ziplines of various lengths, totalling 2590 meters. Children are able to participate starting at up to 10 years old. The highlight of this trip is the 90 meter long suspension bridge.

The meeting location is located in the center in the city of Split and is about two hours journey from Zadar. From there, you’ll take the service on a journey to Kozjak Mountain. The trek to the beginning of the zipline takes approximately 30 minutes.


Tucepi is an unassuming, charming town located in Dalmatia. Its flat coastline is bordered by the mountain range of Biokovo which is a high mountain range that rises to 1762 meters high above the sea. The coast is unique as it is being secured by a massive mountain range. The summit of this mountain can be able to see an impressive structure called the Biokovo Skywalk, an impressive glass-bottomed walkway that is built upon a steep slope, offering 360-degree views of the ocean.

Just as thrilling and stunning as the zipline in Tucepi, however, far more enjoyable,is the zipline located in Tucepi. The zipline is situated near the outskirts of Tucepi and allows visitors to take in the stunning breathtaking views of the rich Mediterranean plant life and The Makarska Riviera and, of course that of the Adriatic Sea.

The point of meeting is near the beginning on the Zipline Tucepi just a few minutes away from the town’s centre. Tucepi is accessible within 1.5 minutes away from Split and 2.5 hour from Dubrovnik.


Plitvice Lakes National park is a fascinating national park. The untouched nature of the park has created a surreal scene with trees encircling a number of tiny lakes that are connected to each other through waterfalls. Because of its unique appeal, Plitvice Lakes National Park was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What makes ziplining in Plitvice distinctive is the method you descend being horizontally lying and looking down. It is, in fact, the longest zipline that is horizontal that you can find in Europe. Anyone over 7 to the aged 7can take part, and apart from the fact that it is a little unconventional by the fact that you’re slung facing downwards, a amazing feature of the zipline is the fact that it can go all the way in speed up to 120 km/h.

point of the meetingpoint of the zipline that runs through Plitvice is located in Rudopolje located just under 2 hours’ vehicle from Zadar and a little more than two hours away from Rijeka.