Visovac Island

Awe-inspiring beauty of nature and tranquility on the tiny islands in Visovac is is a wonderful incentive to escape the urban hustle. The energy of this small island is breathtaking and its pine forests and beautiful lake that surrounds the island, giving an extremely relaxing atmosphere!

The Visovac culture and history

Visovac was initially established by hermits from The Order of St. Augustine. They established a small monastic institution and a church dedicated to Saint. Paul the Apostle on the island. When they left, Franciscans arrived on the island and occupied it. In the late fifteenth century there is there is a Franciscan monastery as well as The Church of Our Lady of Visovac are situated in the island. Its combination of sacral architecture and stunning nature make this an excellent idea to take an excursion for a day!

The monastery itself is home to the most valuable library, a valuable archeological collection and also a collection of historical objects as well as a library. Make sure to look over the unique illustrated edition of Aesop’s Fables that was published in 1487. This is one of just three copies of the book in the world! !

Visitors can also choose to take a trip to a beautiful Lapidarium Lapidarium on the island where they can learn about the island’s history as well as a charming boutique in which you can purchase souvenirs to help you remember this wonderful vacation.

Visovac Island


The nature of Visovac

In addition to the rich history and culture, Visovac is also know for its beautiful nature since there are nearly 200 different species of plants which are in bloom there. There are also a variety of species of animals to encounter, including Peacocks and tortoises which means you can be sure that you’ll be able take a break and recharge even if you’re spiritual.

However, you have to be grateful to the monks as they’ve done a fantastic job of maintaining the island, and making it into the paradise it is present. Actually in the past they’ve artificially widened the shoreline of the island and gave it the shape that it is today.

How do I get there?

If you’re able to get to Stinice or Remetic, the villages in Stinice or Remetic close to Bristane on Sunday, you’re fortunate and will have the opportunity to get a complimentary ride with monks that are taking people to the church for a mass. The ride takes just five minutes however it’s a stunning experience and you should definitely take the time to include it on your calendar whenever you can.

If you can’t get an excursion with monks or monks, you can always take an excursion from these same spots with an excursion vessel The cost is $50 Kunas (about 7 EUR).

National Park Krka tour Croatia organizes two-hour boat rides for visitors to the Skradinski Buk Falls . The four-hour excursion includes Roski Slap waterfall as well along with an hour-long visit towards Visovac Island. There is also the option of hopping on a the boat between Skradinski Buk and Visovac for around 100 euros (about thirteen EUR).

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Visovac Trivia

There are only only Ten monks reside in the monastery and the church is open every Sunday. There’s also a prayer book made in the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz which was the smallest book anywhere in all of the globe at the time that it was published. It’s only 3 millimeters in width and height!

Did you also not know that films featuring American natives were shot in this country? They include stories of Winnetou as well as Chief Karl May !