32 Best Things To Do In Split (Croatia)

From Beach Vibes to Ancient Ruins: Experience The 32 Best Of Split, Croatia

Split, a captivating city located on Croatia’s southern Dalmatian Coast, is fast becoming one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. With its relaxed coastal vibe, stunning beaches and unique culture as well as an impressive 4th-century Roman Palace – Diocletian’s Palace which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site – Split surely has something for everyone.

Here’s our comprehensive list of 32 best things to do in Split that will help you experience the beauty and history this amazing destination has to offer.

History And Culture

Explore the atmospheric remains of Diocletian’s Palace, built in the 4th-century by the Roman emperor and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Explore Diocletian’s Palace

Split, Croatia is one of the most scenically beautiful cities in Europe and its landmarks reflect this beauty. none more so than Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that draws visitors from around the world to admire its architecture and historical significance.

Constructed in 305 AD by the Roman Emperor Diocletian as his retirement palace, it is no surprise why it has become an integral part of Split’s history and culture. The palace features rich marble facades adorning most walls, Byzantine-style columns at both entrances, four beautifully decorated gates leading into different parts of town as well as subterranean cellars for storing grains amid other valuable items and offering shelter during periods of unrest.

Surrounded partly by sea with views of nearby islands on all sides makes it even more breathtaking feature to explore casually or take guided tour through stimulating stories about secrets left behind unlocked since centuries ago .

Diocletian's Palace Map
Diocletian's Palace

Visit The Cathedral Of Saint Domnius

Tucked away in the heart of Diocletian Palace, lies one of Split’s most beloved monuments – The Cathedral of Saint Domnius. As a historical gem and symbol of culture, this cathedral has everything from ancient pagan structures to medieval Christian architecture.

The bell tower stands tall at 60 meters for great 360-degree views over Split. The building itself is an architectural masterpiece dating back 1700 years that speaks volumes about Croatian history with its many relics.

Inside the walls you can see artefacts from different times including relics from emperor Constantine and Pope Alexander III who blessed the church during his visit in 1178AD! Climbing up the stairs towards this iconic bell tower will give you insight into both old and modern heritage as well as details like forgotten inscriptions decorating its archways.

The Cathedral Of Saint Domnius

Attend A Cultural Event

Split, Croatia is a city steeped in history and culture. With its ancient Greek, Roman and Venetian influences as well as Islamic culture, the city has a unique rich multicultural character.

Its famous Diocletian’s Palace is an incredible example of Croatian heritage that visitors can explore all year round. Various cultural events, such as music festivals and art exhibitions also run throughout Split which give visitors the chance to experience this diverse culture firsthand.

Visitors who are interested in exploring Split’s vibrant cultural past should plan to attend local festivals like Ultra festival for electronic music or Seget Donji Sonus Festival for alternative genres and classical concerts from renowned artists from around the world.

Visit The Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum in Split, Croatia is a great place to explore the history and culture of the traditional Sephardic community. It displays artifacts from ancient Roman times through modern day, including old scrolls and documents, weapons and jewelry when it was established in 1941 by local Jews.

Visitors will be able to admire religious artifacts such as Bar Mitzvah ceremonies’ photos or listen to recordings of prayers performed during festivals. They can also learn about Yiddish language songs or hear stories about weddings that took place hundreds of years ago here in Split.

The museum offers guided tours featuring special events organized throughout the year such as lectures led by history experts or interactive classes for kids focusing on cultural exchanges between different peoples living side-by-side in Split for centuries united by mutual understanding towards each other’s culture.

Nature And Scenery

Discover Split’s stunning nature and scenery with a visit to Marjan Hill, bike or boat tour of the coast, Kampuni Nature Reserve and much more! So be sure to include it on your itinerary for an unforgettable experience.

Visit Marjan Hill

Marjan Hill is an iconic pine-covered hill to the west of Split, Croatia that stands at 178m tall and provides spectacular panoramic views of the city. Nature enthusiasts looking for outdoor adventure should visit this stunning landscape, as it offers everything from archeological sites to a natural park.

The Marjan Forest Park, located on the hill, allows guests to explore abundant nature with ancient Greek and Roman ruins scattered among its many trails.

Marjan Hill has become an essential part of Split’s culture over recent years reflecting its unique relationship with Greeks, Romans Venetians and more who have left their mark here in both physical monuments like Diocletian’s Palace (the first site listed amongst UNESCO World Heritage Sites) or bits more mysterious – evidenced only through stylish murals around town whispered together into a patchwork story about identity.

Marjan Hill

Take A Bike Or Boat Tour Of The Coast

Coastal tours in Split, Croatia offer an amazing opportunity to explore the country’s stunning landscape and varied cultural attractions. From luxury boat cruises around secret coves and caves, to mountain biking trips among ancient ruins amidst breathtaking scenery – there are many ways you can experience this majestic area without breaking your bank account. With a variety of companies providing both organized and custom-made packages; it is easy to book a tailored tour that suits your interests and budget.

Whether you are looking for fun water sports such as kayaking or snorkelling, day trips exploring nearby islands or national parks like Krka National Park, rafting on Cetina River or a more sedate cruise exploring coastal villages – Bike & Boat Tours in Split give visitors unforgettable experiences with plenty of options available for individuals, couples or families. Creating lasting memories while gaining insight into local culture has never been easier!

Explore The Klis Fortress

The stunning and imposing Klis Fortress is perched atop a hill just outside of Split, Croatia. This well-preserved fortification offers visitors an up close look at its intricate design that was constructed in the 9th century as a defense against attackers.

Not only is it one of the oldest preserved monuments in Dalmatia region; it has also served as an important symbol in various battles throughout its long history. During the centuries since its founding, Klis Fortress has been associated with many major battles including those between rival warlords and armies from all over Europe – from Venetians to Mongols and Ottomans to Austro-Hungarians.

Visitors can explore the area’s rich past by visiting this historical landmark that stands high above far reaching panoramic views of nearby towns such as Salona, Solin, Trogir, and even islands in the Adriatic Sea below.


Visit The Split Science Museum

At the Split Science Museum, visitors can explore the wonders of environmental science and natural history in a family friendly setting. The museum features an expansive collection of exhibits and interactive activities that focus on geography, zoology, botany, geology, ecology and more.

Discover exciting displays featuring rare plants and animals of Croatia, interactive exhibits about biodiversity through the ages, journey through astronomy’s mysterious depths with massive scale models to make learning fun for all ages! Enhance your experience by stepping into the Paleontological Observatory or follow up scientific discoveries with a visit to the Archeological Gallery where you can learn about Split’s unique cultural heritage.

The museum also regularly hosts informative workshops as well as educational seminars to bring these amazing topics even closer to its visitors.

Art And Architecture

– Discover the city’s street art scene

– Explore the Ivan Meštrović Gallery

– Visit the Gallery of Fine Arts

– Visit the Ethnographic Museum

Discover The City’s Street Art Scene

Split’s street art scene has been making waves in the city’s culture and arts landscape. With an array of richly-colored urban murals, graffiti, and outdoor installations, it tell stories about Split’s history and welcomes locals and tourists to be a part of its vibrant atmosphere.

Featuring works by renowned local street artists including Ranko Subasic and Bruno Šperac together with rotating mural pieces from international talents from all over Europe, Split offers something for every taste.

Stroll down the streets in the old town or even around Marjan Hill for some unexpected treats.

Explore The Ivan Meštrović Gallery

The Ivan Meštrović Gallery in Split is an absolute must-visit for art and culture lovers. The gallery is devoted to the work of notable Croatian sculptor and architect, Ivan Meštrović.

He designed this stunning villa overlooking the Adriatic Sea which now houses pieces from his large creative body of work such as sculptures, drawings, paintings and architectural plans inspired by religious themes.

In addition to works solely produced by Meštrović there are also a few interesting items collected over time that reflect almost five centuries of history closely associated with Croatia’s culture.

Ivan Meštrović Gallery

Visit The Gallery Of Fine Arts

The Split Gallery of Fine Arts is a beautiful building located in central Split, housing an art gallery as well as a café and gift shop. Inside the museum, visitors can find 3,500 pieces ranging from the 14th century to present day.

These works mostly feature classical paintings and sculptures, but modernist artwork has been steadily growing at the museum throughout recent years. The main exhibition consists of permanent collections that showcase Croatian works from throughout its long history.

Among these exhibitions are some marvels such as Ivan Meštrović’s Wooden Madonna with Child (1918), depicting Mary holding Jesus in a stylised folk clothing style he was renowned for.

Other examples of Croatian masterpieces include Miroslav Kraljević’s Rending of Christ (1935) – iconic work by this brilliant Impressionist artist which captures so accurately the sadness of Jesus’ death – and Vlaho Bukovac’s potrait portraying his daughter Hilda painted in 1975 which stands out due to its bright colours usually unusual coming from this Post-Impressionism painter.

The Gallery Of Fine Arts

Visit The Ethnographic Museum

The Ethnographic Museum in Split is a must-visit for those wanting to learn about Croatia’s rich cultural heritage. The museum, located on the terrace of Diocletian’s Palace, offers visitors an intimate look into the history and culture of Croatia and its people.

Here, artifact collections from Salona such as stone carvings, gemstones and archaeological objects are displayed alongside intricate art exhibits that showcase Croatian traditions through textiles, ceramics, furniture and traditional costumes.

There is also an extensive collection of artwork displaying historical paintings from medieval times.

In addition to the artifacts and works of art with ties to ancient civilization within the region this small museum covers architecture too; showing architectural delights featuring Romanesque towers rooftops and palaces all around Croatia dating back centuries ago.

The Ethnographic Museum

Food And Drink

Sample Sentence: Indulge in the various culinary delights of Split, like fresh seafood and Croatian wines. Take a food tour to learn more about this city’s amazing cuisine.

Enjoy Local Cuisine And Drinks

Split is renowned for its excellent food and drink options, with fresh local seafood served daily in the many restaurants throughout the city.

The popular local cuisine includes delicacies such as buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto di San Daniele, prepared with expertly sourced ingredients from all around Croatia.

Local drinks including Travarica liquors and several varieties of beer made exclusively in Split will leave you wanting more after every sip! Enjoy wine tastings at some of the best wineries or take part in cooking classes where you can sample traditional dishes that have been passed down through generations.

Make sure to visit Green Market near Riva waterfront where passionate vendors offer their delicious locally produced goods. For dinner enjoy delightful catch-of-the-day specialties accompanied by rakija – pungent brandy made from Croatian grapes – while admiring stunning views over nearby islands from terrace restaurants located along coast line .

The town’s vibrant nightlife should also not be missed too! Whether it’s sipping on crispy cold beers during summer nights or watch an outdoor movie under stars – there are endless possibilities for unforgettable experiences when visiting classic establishments loved by locals alike.

Take A Food And Wine Tasting Tour

Culinary exploration in Split is a must, and one of the best ways to do so is through food and wine tasting tours. Food lovers get to enjoy local Croatan cuisine while discovering the specialties that make up Croatian gastronomy. And true gourmets will find plenty of opportunities to taste course after course paired with delicious wines produced in Croatia’s vineyards.

One of the most popular tours included within this activity are those that start at The Golden Gate featuring Diocletian’s Palace as its centerpiece. This UNESCO World Heritage Site can be explored on foot while guides provide interesting information about the history and culture associated with it.

Split is known for its vibrant food scene where visitors can find numerous restaurants offering everything from seafood delicacies such as oysters or mussels, cured meats like prsut (“pro-shoot”), plus a variety of cheeses – all incredibly fresh thanks to nearby farms that supply fish, dairy, fruits and vegetables year-round. There are also international options available along its cobble stone streets waiting for you! However, if there’s something everyone should at least try once during their stay it’s traditional Croatian dishes typically served family style in several courses – all part of many great food tastings offered by tour operators around town…plus you’ll have an insider into discovering little “hidden gems” off the beaten path frequented only by locals!

Bookending any culinary adventure -win eats makes sure that each course is paired perfectly with some truly unique wines which have been crafted using grapes natively grown throughout Croatia for hundreds of years; resulting in signature blends no other country can boast about having endured time – Malvazija Istrian White or Dingasč Plavac Mali Red (a personal favorite!).Terroir plays a significant role when looking at why these combinations tend to be beloved around showing creative talent by talented winemakers creating award winning recipes year after year outlasting things like changing climates across Europe…or even worldwide pandemics too! It is certainly worth taking time exploring these amazing accomplishments before finally making your way back into modern day Split feeling well fed both physically & mentally ready plan what comes next.

Visit The Green Market For Fresh Produce

Split’s Green Market, or Pazar, is a vibrant and colorful outdoor market offering locals and travelers the freshest produce from the hinterland. Every day dozens of farmers come to sell a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables, including grapes, apples, figs, tomatoes, peppers and more.

Not just limited to fresh produce though – you can find many unique items at the market such as ham and flowers too! The greenmarket is renowned for its locally-sourced goods in season which make for an exciting shopping experience with plenty of surprises along the way.

Green Market

Beaches And Water Activities

Soak up the sun and enjoy a variety of water activities such as canyoning, ziplining,kayaking or rafting at Split’s many beaches – explore them today!

Relax At Bacvice Beach

Bacvice Beach is a ten minute walk from the Old Town in Split and provides visitors with a range of activities that cannot be missed from this unique Mediterranean city. Being situated in an enchanting urban environment, its shallow waters offer great opportunities for families and children to enjoy swimming, while beach-volleyball courts promise some light fun among friends.

Here visitors can take some time to bask under the warm Croatian sun or wander off along the sandy coast line towards the famous Republic Square which can easily pass as one of the finest architectural attractions Europe has to offer.


Take A Day Trip To Nearby Islands

Split is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a getaway filled with beautiful beaches, exciting island hopping and unique cultural experiences. There are several islands located close by which can be reached by taking a day trip from Split. Hvar, Brac and Vis, known as the ‘Island Triangle,’ are three of the most popular day trips from Split.

Hvar is well-known for its rich cultural heritage, exquisite local cuisine and unspoiled beaches. The beautiful waterfront town of Stari Grad is filled with cobblestone streets decorated with art galleries and souvenir shops. This island is also home to the Pakleni islands, where visitors can enjoy snorkeling, paddleboarding and windsurfing in crystal-clear waters protected by the pine tree-lined shoreline.

Brac is one of Croatia’s largest islands and has become increasingly popular for its stunning Marjan Hill, which offers magnificent views of Split’s coast and nearby islands. Tourists can explore quaint villages like Bol that feature cute Mediterranean villas and narrow alleyways filled with cafes serving homemade baklava and delicious ice cream creations. Be sure to take a dip at Zlatni Rat Beach -one of Croatia’s most iconic beaches offering golden sand surrounded by crystal blue waters perfect for swimming or sunbathing.

Vis’s beauty stretches far beyond the famous Blue Cave located on the east coast; it’s a great opportunity to have an adventure away from crowded tourist spots! Relax on sandy beaches such as Srebrna or Golden Horn bay in Komiza village or explore secluded caves, hidden coves and tranquil anchorages that dot the coastline.

From water sports to shopping stops, each nearby island offer something unique – so make sure to add one or all these destinations to your itinerary when visiting Split!

Try Canyoning, Kayaking Or Rafting

Split, Croatia is renowned for its exciting sporting activities and clear blue waters. From kayaking and rafting the Cetina River to enjoying canyoning in nearby canyons, there’s something to suit all levels of experience.

Canyoning: Swimming, climbing over rocks, scaling cliffs or abseiling down them – anyone who loves an adrenaline rush should try out canyoning! Visitors on a dare-devil mission may head upriver in the narrow valley plateaus surrounded by rocky walls at Omis canyon. For those looking more confidence-building adventures, Krka Canyon near Split features easier terrains including small swimming pools and waterfalls. As safety must always come first when it comes to tackling such activities necessary items like a wetsuit (for warmer weather) and harnesses will be provided as part of your day tour package with local expert guides leading you along throughout your journey of discovery!

Kayaking & Rafting: Make sure you don’t miss out on floating down the pristine waters of Cetina River which hosts numerous rapids full scale adventures lasting between 1 – 10 days depending upon each person’s level of thrill seeking desire. Whether this means taking several rests during short comfortable river rafting trips but overall there are routes available regardless age or ability suitable family fun day filled with laughter and good times guaranteed!Alternatively choose from various Lake Krupa Tours that take place around Podstrana offering calmer experiences away from any loud atmosphere.

Finally for any kind of activity it pays kindly heed whatever guide advises about being confident in what abilities able do himself/herself plus put trust wearing protective clothing even knows going somewhere very safe know how swim helps lot incase unexpected situation arises courses also present chance meet people same interests chat new friends meaningful conversations remains unique memory last long afterwards!

Outdoor Activities

– Visit scenic Marjan Hill for breathtaking views, go on a bike or boat tour of the coast, explore Klis Fortress and Trogir city, and stroll through Dubrovnik’s Old Town.

Hike In Marjan Hill

Marjan Hill, located in Split, Croatia just a stone’s throw away from the city’s Old Town, is a great spot to enjoy some stunning views! This pine covered hill stands at almost 600 feet and offers an incredible hiking experience for outdoor adventurers.

Marjan Forest Park provides breathtaking panoramic views of the city below, making it an ideal destination if you’re looking for a workout with a beautiful backdrop. It’s also popular amongst locals and tourists alike who wish to take part in other activities such as picnics or rock climbing – but no matter what your plan is for spending time here there are plenty of options for all levels of hikers.

If challenging yourself on Vrh Telegrin point (the highest peak) sounds like something you would be interested in experiencing then prepare your legs: scaling up 314 steps can be tough even during cooler months so make sure that you come with enough water! Regardless of how long this trek will take – 1-2 hours depending on your pace – it won’t feel like wasted time since nature surrounds you throughout the entire walk; plus upon reaching its peak – travelers will be rewarded by picturesque blues horizons over Split scenery.

Marjan Hill Hiking

Cycle The Split Riviera

Enjoy the fresh sea air of Croatia and explore Split’s beautiful scenery on two wheels. The Split Riviera is one of the most popular cycling destinations in Europe and offers plenty of trails to suit all levels. From easy, flat routes that stretch along coastlines to challenging climbs up cliffsides, cyclists can experience a variety of landscapes.

Beginners should cycle alongside Marjan Hill where you will find gentle seaside trails lined with pine trees and amazing views over the Adriatic Sea. Further inland there are more difficult routes for those looking for a challenge – take on hilly terrain as you head into nature reserves hidden within limestone hillsides or discover breathtaking viewpoints overlooking ancient villages. If biking isn’t your thing, rent an electric scooter and breeze through coastal towns at your own pace while taking in the stunning architecture around you!

For experienced riders who want something extra special, make sure to cycle up towards Mosor Mountain which borders Split’s city centre offering sweeping views across Biokovo Nature Park, one of Croatia’s largest national parks – don’t forget to bring camera, because this route will leave you with memories worth capturing! Whether it’s scenic coastline cycling or wilderness mountain-biking paths; there’s something here for everyone so why not lace up your shoes and experience just what makes cycling around these parts so unique?

Visit The Trogir City

Trogir, Croatia is the perfect place for adventurers and sight-seekers. Located just an hour away from Split via ferry, this small city-island makes a great day trip destination with its rich historical heritage and stunning natural surroundings.

Trogir’s origin dates back to the 3rd century BC when it was built as a fortress by Greeks. The city’s medieval core has been notary protected since 1997 by UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its immense beauty and illustrious architecture.

What makes Trogir stand out amongst other European cities is that there are so many outdoor activities available here specifically tailored towards adventurous travelers who want something exciting during their visit.

You can go kayaking or canoeing on amazing Lake Prokljan; or if you’re feeling brave you can even partake in adrenaline-filled activities like canyoning at nearby Paklenica National Park .

Alternatively, there are several beaches near the city where you can relax and soak up some sun.


Visit Dubrovnik City

Located on the southern coast of Croatia, Dubrovnik is a city full of natural beauty, rich history and culture.

Dubrovnik draws travelers from all over to explore its impressive architecture and monuments such as Lovrjenac Fortress, Onofrio’s Fountain or catholic church of St. Savior – making it an ideal destination for culture lovers.

Shopping And Markets

– Take a stroll along the Riva Promenade to find high-end boutiques and souvenir shops.

Take A Stroll Along Riva Promenade

Split, Croatia is renowned for its stunning seafront promenade known as the Riva. This picturesque walkway meanders along the front of the historic city and offers a wealth of attractions to explore.

Stroll along enchanting palm tree-lined lanes as you take in stunning views of Diocletian’s Palace and Mount Marjan.

The Riva Promenade also serves as an ideal market area for visitors to purchase souvenirs or grab some fresh produce from local vendors at the adjacent Green Market.


Visit High-end Boutiques

Split offers high-end fashion and designer brands from all over the world. The main street of Diocletian’s Palace, Marmont Street, boasts several luxury boutiques including local favorites such as Tina’s Boutique and Miessence Jewelry.

In addition to the independent luxury boutique shops contained within the City Center there is also a shopping mall called Mall of Split featuring international designers like Hermes & Seven For All Mankind.

It is here that shoppers can find exclusive pieces not easily found in other parts of Croatia or Europe.

For more unique items, head over to The Green Market where shoppers can browse antiques while admiring lush surroundings less than a kilometer away from the entranceway to Diocletian’s Palace which makes for an unforgettable charming experience during your stay in Split Croatia.

Explore Souvenir Shops

Split, Croatia is a treasure trove of souvenirs and unique items to take home. From Riva Promenade with its high-end boutiques to the local shops in the area, shopping here is sure to be an adventure.

For those who enjoy exploring small markets, Peškarija Market offers fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, fish and other seafood delicacies. Local crafts such as lace tablecloths are available at reasonable prices.

The most popular souvenir items include Uje extra virgin olive oil (which comes in various sizes) and snacks like tacos from ‘Ujo Tacos’ – a must try for visitors; jewelry and accessories adorned with symbols that reflect Croatian culture; handmade soaps; rakija (a traditional alcoholic spirit); lavender herbal products; traditional dishes made from Croatian recipes such as sarma or manestra (stew); rare coins depicting Diocletian’s Palace entrance doors ; replica swords among many others! Prices vary between 5 – 20 euros depending on quality.

Nightlife And Entertainment

– Experience the buzzing nightlife of the Old Town, visit the Croatian National Theatre and attend summer music festivals and open-air cinemas.

Experience The Nightlife In The Old Town

Split’s Old Town is an unforgettable place to explore by night, with a lively atmosphere, waterfront attractions and plenty of activities. Here visitors can wander past historical landmarks, hop between oceanfront nightclubs or relax under starry skies with a glass of wine.

There are many ways to enjoy the city at night – indulge in traditional Croatian food and drinks; attend cultural festivals; cycle along the seaside promenade – from evening walks to all-night parties! Spend some time wandering around the imperial square for great views and feel the buzz as locals and tourists come together for daily performances.

Visit The Croatian National Theatre

The Croatian National Theatre of Split, known as “HNK Split,” is an important cultural institution in the second largest city of Croatia. Built in 1893 and operating since 1940, this theater features an orchestra and three ensembles: opera, drama and ballet.

Attendees can enjoy performances from local talent or international artists across all genres of music and theatre such art pop, rock, electronic music for dance parties; classical pieces such as Richard Wagner’s Die Walküre; stand-up comedy shows with contemporary humorists from Europe; small theatrical plays set within the historic walls of Diocletian’s Palace surrounded by gothic style arcades.

The venue itself also carries a history that is worth noting: today visitors have access to multiple balconies through Baroque stairs decorated with statues at its entrance hall on the main floor representing characters taken off original performance scripts including Shakespeare’s Comedy Of Errors.

Croatian National Theatre

Attend Summer Music Festivals And Open-air Cinemas

Split is one of the top destinations for summer music festivals and outdoor entertainment. Croatia has an abundance of diverse music festivals ranging from EDM, House, Rock, Indie, Techno, Drum & Bass, and even Hip Hop. There are 15 must-experience music festivals that one should check out before they die. Some of the most popular ones include Ultra Music Festival in Split, Seasplash in Pula and Outlook in Poreč.

The types of music and acts featured at these festivals range from local Croatian acts to international stars creating a symphony of culture and sound. These performances come with an atmosphere and vibe like no other providing visitors with a truly unique experience.

The history of live music festivals is long here in Croatia and it dates back to 1960’s when mega star Zagreb Fest was established as both art festival event featuring popular singers and dance bands as well as foreign stars such as BB King, Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder. Open-air cinemas are also a part of the nightlife and entertainment scene in Split which present classic films throughout the summer season.

Family Fun

For an entertaining day with the family, visit the Split Zoo, Natural History Museum or take a day trip to Krka National Park and explore the mesmerizing Blue Cave.

See The Split Zoo

The Split Zoo is an ideal place to bring your family for a fun and educational day out. Set on top of a hill overlooking the city of Split, this small yet brilliantly maintained zoo offers plenty of variety when it comes to animals.

Families can expect to see pygmy goats, wallabies, storks and other exotics as well as some more common bird types and mammals like foxes, turtles and pheasants. With its lush greenery, the Park also provides spectacular views over the city of Split all year round.

Some special activities that take place at the zoo include feeding sessions with staff members between 11am-1pm Saturdays throughout summer allowing visitors closer interactions with many different species of animals from rabbits to toucans! The admission fee for adults is 10 Kuna telling us how affordable this zoo is for families making them enjoy every moment in nature rather than being distracted by prices or anything else.

Split Zoo

Visit The Natural History Museum

The Archaeological Museum in Split, Croatia is a mecca for anyone with an interest in the region’s ancient history and cultures. As the oldest museum in Croatia, founded in 1820, this museum houses some of the most unique relics from all around the Adriatic Sea.

The displays showcase artifacts such as statues and mosaics that offer insight into life dating back 2 thousands years ago. Whether you are young or old, active or laid-back, everyone can gain something from a visit to the Archaeological Museum.

From everyday objects used during Roman times to intricately designed jewelry pieces; there is something here for everyone to admire and learn about Croatia’s past.

Take A Day Trip To Krka National Park

Krka National Park is located in Southern Croatia and is renowned for its stunning waterfalls, lush vegetation, and vast array of fascinating wildlife. This gorgeous national park should be an essential destination for anyone visiting Split or the region. Not only does it boast beautiful views from every angle – but it can also provide a thrilling family-friendly trip with activities such as swimming, bird watching and plenty of opportunities to explore nature.

The towering Krka Waterfall lies at the heart of this enchanting natural area surrounded by dense greenery while smaller cascades trickle down further away into deep pools perfect for cooling off during hot summer days. For more adventurous visitors there are hiking trails that wind up through calming forests offering unique glimpses into wild Croatia as well as many hidden historical gems perfect for exploring — including medieval monasteries tucked away in shaded caves overlooking calm bays.

Krka National Park also boasts a wide range of wildlife making it a great choice for those who want to see some extraordinary creatures up close – from wolves and lynxes roaming the hillsides to rare birds perched among treetops — each inhabitant offers a captivating insight into untouched nature’s secrets without going too far off the beaten track. Visitors seeking something extra special might even spot some exotic plants living on this unspoiled paradise like local fauna exclusive to Krka’s biodiversity! It’s easy enough to access Krka National Park either via bus or car whereby travelers can experience both its beauty and wisdom firsthand in order to really make their trip worth remembering!

Krka National Park

Explore The Blue Cave

The Blue Cave near Split is by far one of the most amazing attractions in Croatia. Located on Biševo Island, it is a natural sea cave that astonishes visitors with its mesmerizing blue glow.

This effect arises when glancing sun rays reflect off the walls and floor of the cave, illuminating it in deep shades of sapphire blue. The sensation being inside this place is indescribable and visitors often find themselves standing awestruck at such a stunning natural creation.

Exploring the Blue Cave can be done during many day-trips that depart from nearby ports like Split, Hvar or Vis; most specifically via boat tours such as Five Island Speedboat Tour or Krka Waterfalls & Food Tasting Tours which include stops in Biševo Island to appreciate this enchanting destination.

Blue Cave


Split, Croatia is a must-visit destination for its stunning historical architecture, excellent beaches and coastal landscapes, vibrant nightlife and vibrant culture.The city offers endless activities ranging from exploring the 4th century Diocletian’s Palace to witnessing live performances in the Croatian National Theater.

Those looking to relax can take in some sun at Bacvice Beach or visit nearby islands. For an unforgettable experience of Split’s great outdoors be sure to check out neighbouring attractions like Marjan Hill or Krka Waterfalls.

Other popular spots include Old Town Peristil Square with Jupiter Temple, Golden Gate and Statue of Grgur Ninski as well as Riva Promenade along the sea front for shopping sprees.

• Exploring Diocletian’s Palace – This historic palace was constructed by the Roman Emperor Diocletian in 305 A.D., and visitors today can explore both ancient ruins still standing within palace walls plus some restored sections which provide insight into this incredible monument’s past grandeur;

• Visiting St Domnius Bell Tower – Climbing up this bell tower inside St Domnius Cathedral reveals panoramic views over Split old town while learning about its early Christian history; • Taking a day trip to Hvar Island – Consider taking one of many tour packages available departing from either mainland port or island ferries leaving daily offering access to secluded beaches good for snorkelling among abundant marine life in clean crystal waters surrounded by verdant pine forests ideal for those seeking tranquillity away from hustle-bustle of urban settings amid luxuriant surroundings