Krka National Park entrance fee

Krka National Park, located in Croatia, is a stunning natural destination renowned for its spectacular scenery, rivers and waterfalls. Many visitors dream of exploring this iconic park with an entrance fee that won’t break the bank.

In this blog post we will discuss Krka National Park’s entry fee which start at just 30 Kuna (4 Euro) during low season.

Krka National Park entrance fee

Key Takeaways

  • Krka National Park offers different entrance fees depending on season, visitor type and discounts for students, children, groups of over 20 people.
  • Full entry tickets can be purchased from the reception desk at 30 HRK (November – March) or 200 HRK (June to September).
  • Booking online is possible through where you’ll find detailed info about pricing and special promotions & codes for greater cost savings.
  • When visiting During peak season (mid June – mid September), visitors should book their ticket in advance online as waiting lines can get especially long; additionally it’s important to dress appropriately and bring necessary items such as bug repellent sunscreen & water bottle!

The Krka National Park Entrance Fees

The entrance fee for Krka National Park differs between seasons and groups of visitors, with discounts and free passes available.

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Price List For Different Seasons And Visitors

The Krka National Park offers different entrance fee options depending on the season and visitor type to ensure a diverse range of visitors can enjoy its beauty. It is essential for potential visitors to understand these pricing variations to better plan their trip. The table below outlines the Krka National Park entrance fees for various visitor categories and seasons:

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Krka National Park

The price variations are due to seasonal factors, such as weather conditions and tourist demand. During the high season (June, July, August, and September), the park experiences increased visitor numbers who come to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful scenery. As a result, entrance fees are higher during this period.

Conversely, the off-season (January, February, November, and December) offers lower entrance fees as visitor numbers decrease due to colder weather, making it an ideal time for budget-conscious travelers who don’t mind the cooler temperatures.

Discounted entrance fees are available for students, children aged 7 to 18 years, and group bookings, while children under 7 years of age can enter the park for free. To qualify for these discounts, students must present a valid student ID, and groups must consist of at least 20 people. The park strives to make its natural wonders accessible to everyone, and these special prices ensure that different types of visitors, such as families and educational groups, can enjoy the park while staying within their budget.

Discount And Free Entrance Options

Visitors to Krka National Park can access discounted and free tickets depending on the time of year and their circumstances. On International Labour Day, tickets are 25 HRK per person instead of 40 HRK per person.

Furthermore, tourists visiting Visovac Island have free entrance on August 2nd and 15th as part of a pilgrimage. Tickets can be purchased online or at the reception desks at other dates for varying prices depending on what sites visitors want to see: full entrance fee is around 80 – 120 HRK in high season while during winter it can get as low as 30 HRK per person with special discounts for group visits over 20 people.

It’s also important to note that some restrictions may apply when buying ticket online since they provide entry only after 48 hours.

Purchasing Krka National Park Entrance Fees

You can purchase Krka National Park entrance fees both online and on-site with convenient ticket purchase options to help you plan ahead for your visit.

Online And On-Site Ticket Purchase Options

Online purchasing of Krka National Park entrance tickets can be a convenient way to plan and book your trip in advance, as well as potentially offering cost savings over on-site ticket purchase. Tickets for the park can be purchased both online through their website, or at the official reception desks located at each entrance to the park such as Skradin and Lozovac.

• On-Site Ticket Purchase: Upon arriving at one of Krka National Park’s entrances, visitors have the option to buy full entry tickets directly from the reception desk. Prices vary depending on season but typically range from 30 HRK (November – March) to 200 HRK (June – September). Full entry into all areas of the park costs €40 for adults from June to September while tickets cost €20 in April, May & October. The national park entrance fee from Skradin includes ferry journey across Lake Visovac upon arrival onto Visovacka Island which is hugely advantageous however bear in mind that long queues can form quickly during peak times so it pays off if you arrive early!

• Online Ticket Purchase: Pre-booking a tour or activities within a specific timeframe such as an organized group tour would require buying tickets beforehand online due to limited availability slots and this is easily possible through websites like where you’ll find detailed information about opening hours & pricing compared with other offers plus additional info regarding discounts & promotions for creative travelers wanting special experiences alongside sightseeing day trips; using our promotion codes ensures even greater cost benefit over regular prices paid when visiting top attractions. Buying your ticket also acts an early reminder allowing you better time management/planning and making sure there are no delays during peak season periods resulting denying access because its simply too crowded inside thus preventing any unnecessary disappointments caused by overcrowding especially considering some attractions may close periodically due tot he volume tourists present increasing visitor safety considerations simultaneously guaranteeing everyone’s enjoyment without compromising those experiences shared together because no one missing out!!

Tips For Planning And Preparing Your Visit To Krka National Park

Before you visit, make sure to plan your trip in advance – consider which entrance location is best for you, read up on what to wear depending on the season and if necessary bring along any items that may come in handy during your time at Krka National Park.

Choosing Your Entrance Location And Considering Seasonal Factors

It’s important to understand the different entrance points and consider seasonal factors when planning your trip to Krka National Park. Here are some tips for selecting an entrance and factoring in seasonal considerations:

  • Lozovac Entrance is located closest to Skradinski Buk, making it easier to access popular attractions like Visovac Lake and Roski Slap waterfall. It can also be a better choice if traveling with younger children or those who cannot walk long distances.
  • Skradin Entrance requires boat transport from the parking area, but offers great views upon entering the park that you won’t get at the Lozovac Entrance. There are also more walking options through Roški Slam Canyon at this entrance than at Lozovac.
  • The price range of tickets varies depending on time of year; summer rates may be higher than during non-peak times like winter months, so plan ahead accordingly if looking for budget savings opportunities.
  • During peak season (mid June – mid September), visitors should book their ticket in advance online as waiting lines can get especially long during these months near both entrances.

Transportation And Parking Considerations

Transportation to and from Krka National Park is best done by car, with the majority of visitors entering through either the Skradin or Lozovac entrance. When entering through the Skradin entrance, visitors must park in Skradin itself and take a ferry boat to reach Krka National Park. It is recommended that you book your ferry tickets beforehand, as they are often sold out on-site due to ride limits. Alternative parking options may be available near some entrances; for instance, at the Roški Slap entrance, there is a shuttle service provided twice daily between 8:45 am-14:25 pm, leaving from Šibenik bus station.

If traveling directly to Lozovac entrance there is ample parking available including additional places reserved especially during peak season. Visitors should be mindful when planning their trips that all vehicles coming into NP Krka need appropriate insurance papers valid in Croatia; thus it’s advised that tourists taking cars outside of EU states research car rental companies specialising in tourist insurance before visiting.*

Dressing Appropriately And Bringing Necessities

It is important to dress appropriately and bring necessary items when visiting Krka National Park in order to prevent potential discomfort from the elements, such as heat or cold, and maximize your experience. Here are some items you should consider bringing:

  • Appropriate Clothing: Visitors should wear comfortable and appropriate clothing for the season; long pants if the forecast calls for cooler temperatures or shorts in warmer weather. Light layers of clothes can also be helpful on hot days. Keep in mind that certain areas of the park may have poor ventilation, so dressing accordingly is recommended.
  • Comfortable Footwear: Wear comfortable shoes with good grip and support for walking long distances over natural terrain or terraces. Avoid wearing sandals due to sharp stones and pebbles along trails in certain parts of the park which could cause injury or foot pain over time.
  • Sun Protection: The sunshine can be very strong during peak times. Bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen (SPF 30+), lip balm with SPF protection, lightweight outer layer such as a jacket/raincoat if possible – windbreaker is best since it’s light but rainproof at same time – , etc., to protect yourself from overexposure to UV radiation from direct sunlight without compromising comfort due to the weight/heat of protective clothing typically used when out on sunny days all day long..
  • Insect Protection & First Aid Items: In some areas there can be mosquitoes present so mosquito repellent is advised if necessary; otherwise plugging water repellents into outlets before entering buildings may not only help ward off insects but also lower risk stains being left behind & making sure visitors do not get hurt while moving around within Krka National Park boundaries by having band aids ready just incase!
  • Water Bottle: Bring one empty refillable water bottle per person – drinking fountains are scattered around parks wherever feasible including right near ticket offices – saving money as well ????????!

Maximizing Your Krka National Park Experience

With careful planning and preparation, visitors can make the most of their experience in Krka National Park–from exploring its endemic species to taking part in boat trips and tours.

What’s Included In The Entrance Fee

When you purchase an entrance ticket to Krka National Park, it comes with access to all the park’s attractions and services. The cost of a ticket varies by season but typically ranges from 30 HRK up to 200 HRK for adults.

It includes a ferry journey from Skradin entrance in addition to full access within the park except during peak season when tickets are priced higher from June through September where they cost €40 per adult.

The park offers ten different itineraries based on visitors’ interests, including hiking trails, biking routes or boat tours that can be arranged directly at the point of entry which will give you access to Krocarica waterfall and several other locations around Lake Visovac and lake Prokljansko as well as unforgettable view over Manojlovacki rapids.

Visitors can also get behind the wheel of their own vehicle along marked driving routes throughout the Park, provided they purchase parking permits in advance upon entering as these are not included in admission fees.

Boat Trips And Tours

Boat trips and tours are one of the most popular ways to explore Krka National Park. Visitors can opt for a self-guided boat tour or choose from professionally guided excursions that include Visovac Island, Roški slap, and Krka Monastery. Most half-day tours last up to six hours, although some full-day options are available as well.

Visitors who enter via the Skradin entrance of the park have access to an included boat trip to Skradinski buk Waterfall which is considered by many visitors to be a highlight of their visit. Additionally, visitors can rent boats in order to explore parts of the park on their own at any time during opening hours. Other professional boat excursions may also be available depending on seasonal availability and visitor demand.

The cost for all types of boat trips vary based on duration and season; however, they generally start from around $7 per person (including tax) along with additional rates for non-residents and special services such as onboard meals or exclusive audio/visual experiences provided by trained guides.

In addition to taking in breathtaking views along the riverbanks while cruising through this magical landscape–rich with history—visitors often find unique species rarely seen elsewhere like storks flying above them or turtles lounging below

Other Attractions And Endemic Species

Krka National Park extends beyond its spectacular waterfalls and is home to a variety of rare species, making it an important ecotourism destination. In the park, visitors can come face-to-face with some of Europe’s most endangered endemic species, from fish to reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals.

The park is also known for its picturesque nature trails which lead through lush vegetation and boast a diverse range of flora and fauna unique to this area.

The diversity of Krka National Park doesn’t stop there; the area also has several historic sites including ruins from past civilisations like Illyrian people or Roman fortifications on Visovac Island.


Krka National Park is a beautiful and unique destination in Croatia, known for its exceptional beauty and spectacular waterfalls. Entrance fees are relatively affordable, depending on the season with different discounts available to visitors.

Visitors can purchase tickets via online or on-site options with ferry boats being the most popular entrance route from Skradin into the park. Planning ahead of time is important when visiting Krka National Park, considering such factors as parking availability, boat schedules, clothing requirements and necessary items that should be brought along.