How to Get to the Blue Cave in Split

How to Get to the Blue Cave in Split

Whenever you’re on vacation, dealing with ferries, timetables, and car rentals is less than pleasurable.
You deserve this break from everything! Let’s make it as simple as possible and worry-free!
In order to visit the Blue Cave in Split, Croatia, we recommend booked group guided boat tour.

How To Go On A Blue Cave Tour From Split

It is possible to visit the Blue Cave from Split by boat or kayak. Tours generally depart from Split’s Old
Town around 8am and return until 6pm.

How to Get to the Blue Cave in Split

Where Is The Blue Cave In Croatia?

Blue Cave is found on Bisevo island in a bay called Balun, a three-hour drive away from Split. It is
possible to visit the Blue Cave from Split in a day.
It is possible to visit the Blue Cave in two ways. The first is to join a tour. The second is to explore on
your own. Here, we will examine both options in detail so you can decide which is right for you.

Visiting The Blue Cave On A Tour

Blue Caves tours from Split are the most popular option and the best way to take advantage of your trip
because it doesn’t stop at just the Blue Cave and come back again.
Travelling to Split and back is time-consuming enough. Three hours by speedboat, which costs a fair
amount in fuel, just to spend ten minutes in the cave. If you understand how disappointing this is, you
can imagine how most people would feel.

It is worth it to join a Blue Cave tour to not have to worry about things like map navigation or gathering
people in a van. You can allow the trained, seasoned tour guides to bring you to many different areas,
pointing out landmarks to take note of as you go. That is to say, you are able to focus on having fun
rather than worrying about reading your own itinerary or figuring out where to go next.

A drawback to traveling with a group is that you do not get to go at your own pace. If you’re especially
fond of a particular spot, for instance, there is no way to stay for as long as you please. In the rare event
you can’t return to the boat and end up stranded, there are very few opportunities to explore, make
detours, or go off-road.

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