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BLUE CAVE croatia
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Meeting point Split : Marka Marulića 4, Split, Croatia

Don’t waste precious time in Split spending the day inside of a local bar or in your hotel room. The region that surrounds this magnificent ancient city offers a wealth of things to see and do, some that are absolutely not to be missed.
Doesn’t a day surrounded by the glistening aquamarine sea, exploring some of Croatia’s most stunning islands and incredible natural wonders sound a lot more fun? We certainly think so!
The Blue cave tour from Split offers all that and then some, including, of course, a visit to experience the magical natural phenomenon of the famous Blue Cave on Bisevo Island.


Split is easily accessible to some of Croatia’s most stunning islands in the whole of Blue Cave  Croatia and this trip will take you to discover the five islands in just one morning: Bisevo, Vis, Budikovac, Paklinski, and Hvar.

Discover the incredible nature of Blue Cave, swim in the captivating blue waters in the Blue Lagoon with its shades of sparkling sapphire and turquoise continuously changing with the motion of the sun above, and then explore delightful villages, and the charming Hvar’s ancient town that dates to thousands of years ago and once provided shelter to early Greeks as well as Romans.

Enjoy a swim and snorkeling trip through some of the crystal-clear waters, unwind and play on Dalmatia’s most idyllic beaches, then feast on delicious local dishes and wine.

Our highly rated Blue Cave tour from Split offers a relaxing ride in small groups to enjoy an authentic experience in the latest speedboats. Every vessel is completely equipped all the required safety equipment for each passenger.




We’ll meet at a very early time in the morning, which will permit us to stay away from the large crowds to provide the most enjoyable time while we explore the stunning beautiful natural splendor of Croatia. Croatian islands and all that they can offer.

Before departing the tour, you’ll be met by your guides to the tour who will give an overview of the tour and crucial information to help learn more about what you can anticipate on the trip.



Following our departure after about one hour and fifteen minutes ride will take the group to their first stop located on the southeast part of Bisevo Island to enjoy the principal attraction of the trip: the world-renowned Blue Cave.

After we have secured our hostess, she will buy your tickets from the sales desk that are required to enter the cave. Because the price is included in the tour so you don’t need to worry about pulling out your wallet.

The cave isn’t accessible to us. the cave on our speedboat. Therefore, you’ll receive a tour by the staff on site to experience the amazing beauty that takes place when the magical display of Mother Nature. LEARN MORE

The sun’s rays penetrate into a crack in the interior of the cave, reflecting off the limestone sea bottom, which is reflected off the cave in an aquamarine light. Flash photography and flashlights are not permitted make sure you have your camera and smartphone ready to snap stunning photos by shutting off the flash setting prior to entering. Bisevo Island is 71 kilometers/44 nautical miles away from Split. It is made up of limestone, it is home to numerous caves that were formed in time by the sea, though most notable is Blue Cave is the most well-known. It was previously was a place that was only known by local fishermen. local fishermen, as it was only accessible by the natural entrance to the ocean. It’s unclear who first swam into the cave and discovered it and it was largely due to an Austrian artist, explorer, and speleologist, Baron Eugene Ransonet-Villez who discovered the cave that it was first discovered and made available to the people in 1884. Based on his suggestions the idea of a cave opening 1.5 millimeters high as well as 2.5 meters wide cave was constructed, wide enough to accommodate tiny boats, yet compact enough to not interfere with its lighting. This cave is 24 meters in length with a width of 10-12 meters deep, and fifteen meters high. The cave is visited by over 10,000 visitors each year. It is regarded as one of the best destinations to witness the jaw-dropping beauty of nature in the whole Adriatic Sea.


Stiniva Bay, located on the southern shore of Vis Island which remained closed to the public for forty years, despite being the Yugoslav naval base. is the perfect Croatian beach, which was voted the top European beach in the year 2016.

It’s hidden in the midst of the imposing cliffs, and as soon as you set your eyes on it, you’ll know why it’s listed extremely. The pebbly stretch is in the secluded cove, surrounded by the massive limestone cliffs. It’s the perfect opportunity to get lost in some of the nation’s most stunning beauty. 

Stiniva Bay is 500 meters wide and 100 meters wide and the beach is only 35 meters in length with an enviable, narrow 5 meter wide seaside entry creating a dream-like experience. It can be reached only by small boats or the 20-minute hike that is a way to keep the crowds at bay. Although it may be difficult to get there Stiniva may seem an easy task however the reward of spotting this treasure is worthwhile The white pebble beach, the crystal-clear blue sea, the old fishermen’s homes, lush flora and fauna have resulted in it being designated one of 82 Croatia Natural Reserves. Although it is popular with nature lovers of all kinds, due to the purity of the sea and the incredibly rich marine life, it’s most popular with divers. It’s because of the number of small boats that pass through the bay every day and especially over the past 10 years, and it being more crowded with a result in hundreds of vessels coming in every day and diving can be risky. This is the reason we’ll only make one visit here and spend 15 minutes exploring which will allow us to experience the best spots waiting to be explored by swimming.


The blue waters have been tempting you to jump in at this point, we’ve seen numerous stunning places that were created by the ocean. It’s now time to dive in!
The opportunity to swim and snorkel in the Blue Lagoon on Budikovac Island that is actually a gorgeous turquoise shade, is something you’ll really enjoy in the hot summer days.

We’ll supply you with snorkeling equipment All you have to do is just wear it, take a deep breath and start exploring. If you’re ready to take some time off then you can unwind in the bar on the beach with refreshing drinks and gaze out at the stunning scene.

Budikovac Island lies on the southeast part of Vis Island, with the lagoon that is formed by it, along with two smaller islands. Because it is a remote island, there are no roadways, automobiles or ferries that can bring people there, the island is able to remain awe-inspiringly isolated, providing an idyllic experience. In reality it is believed that there is only one person that is on the island, tending to his livestock, farm and a small restaurant in which you can dine on delicious meals made from organic, homegrown ingredients, or simply go in to have a drink. With its pebbled beaches, turquoise waters and the serene nature of the island, this is the perfect way to take in Dalmatia in her best form.


Then we head for our fourth island or actually a group of islands and continue our journey on the boat towards islands called the Paklinski Islands. The stop will last for around 2 hours, giving ample time to explore the stunning island near Hvar and their secluded lagoons and deserted beaches with shaded trees to sit under in case you want to take to take a break from the heat.
A restaurant and bar on the beach in this area makes it a wonderful opportunity to grab food when you’ve built up an appetite from all the excitement, and there’s plenty to do.

The Paklinski Islands (also also known as Pakleni) is an archipelago comprised of around 20 islands which are 10 kilometers in length, located on the southwest coast of Hvar Island in the opposite direction of Hvar Island. It is located off the Hvar Harbor in the Hvar city. The name derives in the form of “paklina,” which is the pine resin originally used to wrap ships. The region is thought to be the most beautiful area of Hvar Riviera, if not the entirety of Croatia. The wooded isles of the chain are located in the Hvar Riviera is surrounded by sparkling waters of azure with numerous beaches hidden away and deserted lagoons make it an absolute must-see and is a great stop off point for our trip.


    Then, we arrive at five and the final destination, the most sunniest in the Adriatic, Hvar. Hvar is one of the most beloved tourist destinations in the entire country of Croatia, no Blue Cave tour would be complete without a visit to Hvar.

    It is renowned for its ability to attract visitors from all over the world, including a host of famous people and other celebrities, its harbour is packed with mega-yachts. Hvar town has a wide array of excellent eateries, bars, and nightclubs, as well as beautiful beaches and stunning historical locations.

    It’s been around for a long time as a major hub for culture and trade in the Adriatic beginning with the antiquated Greeks and Romans until the time of the French empire of Napoleon. It was part of the Venetian Empire, Hvar was an important naval base that had a powerful fortress of defense known as “Spanjola.’

    You can visit an impressive fortress overlooking the town, providing breathtaking views and an opportunity to take stunning photos.


    The group will join in close proximity to the vessel following a day at Hvar for our returning to our place which started everything at – Split. It will take about one hour to travel back the way to Split and back to Split from Hvar. After sharing the group photos and tagging one another on social media and tagging each other on social media, it’s time to depart from your guides and fellow travelers.

    With new friends you’ve made it’s possible to arrange a second excursion with us prior to leaving. Whatever the case, we would love to see you back in the near future on one of our other excursions!